New Home Purchase Rebate Program

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Buying a newly constructed home from a home builder?

Get up to 66% of my Commission on New Construction Homes. This Rebate is good at almost every New Home Builder in Florida.

Contact me today if you are buying a new home in Florida.

 Most home builders and developers pay commissions or referral fees to Real Estate Brokers. They do this to compete with resale homes and encourage Realtors to bring buyers to their new home communities. Federal laws prohibit new home builders from charging a different new home price if the buyer has a Realtor or not. The price of the new home is the same if you have a real estate agent or not. Builders do not lower your price if you do not have an agent so it is very wise to work with an agent when you buy a new home construction, especially an agent that will give you a rebate.

Be sure to register Skye Louis Realty Inc as your Broker Representative on your first visit to every builder you visit. If you do not register us as your Broker it can result in a loss of commission to us and you will not be able to receive a Rebate.

Don't make a costly mistake: don't visit a builder's sales office until you contact us.

We could save you thousands of dollars!

 We offer a cash back rebate when you use us as your Florida Real Estate Agent to buy new construction from a builder or condo conversions from the developer. Almost all builders and developers offer a commission to Real Estate Agents who represent the buyer in a new home or condo conversion contract. This is of no cost to you! It is built into the price. Should you allow us to be your Real Estate Agent we will rebate a portion of the commission back to you when the property closes. It is important that you contact us first before you visit the builder or model home site as there are certain steps the builders require.

How does it work?  Please contact us when you start your initial home search so that we can assist and consult with you on your new home search. If there is a community or builder that you are interested in, please call or text us at 954-529-9203 prior to your first visit to the builder's sales office.

As a Licensed Florida Broker I can sell New Homes anywhere in the State of Florida. So, I can help everyone in Florida get a Rebate on their new home purchase.

It is best to work with us on your new home purchase, not only because of our rebate program; but because we have valuable builder feedback from our prior new home buyers so it is important that you contact us before buying a new home. Also, it is important to note that we must accompany you on your first visit to the builder's sales office.

**Commission rebates assume that the new home builder is paying the buyer’s side brokerage commission.  Builder must recognize and pay your Real Estate Broker a commission for any rebate to apply.

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